• What are renewable fuels?

Unlike fossil fuels, renewable fuels originate from sources that can be replaced and will not run out, such as trees, crops, wind and water.

  • What does Carbon Neutral mean?

Wood fuels and other forms of biomass are considered ‘carbon neutral’, in that the amount of carbon the wood absorbs while growing is similar to the amount it releases when burned.


  • Why use STOVIES products?

STOVIES products are carbon neutral, renewable wood fuels delivered in a clean, convenient format suitable for today’s requirements.

  • What are STOVIES Wood Pellets?

Stovies are made out of compressed sawdust that comes from quality, sustainable timber.

  • What else can STOVIES wood pellets be used for?

The list is growing but other than heating fuel, they can be used for example for cat and horse litter

  • Where does the timber(raw material) come from in the first place?

100% virgin wood from sustainable managed conifers; mainly pine, spruce and larch.

  • Are there any chemicals or gluing agents in the STOVIES product?

None at all. Pellets are formed through high temperature and pressure as the raw material is extruded through a die. The natural lignin found in the wood itself acts as a binder when exposed to high temperature and pressure.

  • Can I burn my STOVIES in smokeless zones?

Yes in approved appliances, there is no smoke or emissions. Refer to your retailer or manufacturer of your appliance.

  • How should I store my STOVIES?

Indoors and under cover – definitely not exposed to any moisture.

  • Do STOVIES produce a lot of ash residue?

Very little ash is produced, less than 1%. The ash produced can be recycled as a fertilizer for your garden.

  • Why are wood pellets considered a good fuel?

Wood pellets are increasingly competitive against other fossil fuels and offer several environmental benefits. Being of high density, they are space saving and flow easily in automatic feeding systems.

  • Where can I use my STOVIES Wood Pellets?

Domestic: In pellet boilers for central heating and hot water, or in pellet stoves for space heating.
Commercial: In pellet boilers or converted systems for central heating and hot water production.

  • I’ve got a wood burning stove – can I use Stovies?

You can, but they will burn very quickly unless the stove is shut right down. Good for keeping in over night.

  • I’ve got a coal fire – can I use Stovies?

Open fires without draft control mean that wood pellets burn very quickly.

  • What is the difference between wood pellets and wood chips?

You will get a more detailed explanation under our page “Wood Pellet Use” but basically they are drier, more compact, flowable and more adept to automatic stoves and filling systems than chips.

  • What do STOVIES Wood Pellets look like?

Very like animal feed pellets! Our pellets are 6mm in diameter, maximum length 25mm.

  • How do I judge the quality of a wood pellet?

A good pellet when placed in a beaker of water should sink like a stone as they are so much denser.

  • Do I need a lot of space for Stovies?

A tank containing 1000 litres of heating oil is equivalent to 2.1tons of wood pellets. (A cubic meter of wood chips is equivalent to 0.28 cubic meters of pellets)

  • How are STOVIES Wood Pellets sold?

15 kg bags, 1-ton bags or in bulk, by telephone from our Customer Sales Office on 01561-320417.

  • How are STOVIES Wood Pellets delivered?

We can organise delivery in 15kg, 1-ton bags or bulk.

  • Are pellet stoves expensive to buy and run.

There is an appreciable (but grant-aided) capital cost for a pellet boiler, but the running costs are half that of heating oil. You would expect to write off the capital investment over a maximum of 5-10 years.

  • Can I get a grant for a wood pellet boiler and to change boilers from oil or gas?

Yes: for domestic stoves and boilers please see the “Grants and Funding” page of this web site or just go to http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/schri

Placing an Order

When you place an order or make an enquiry, please state:

Your name and address (including post-code)
Whether you want pellets in 15kg bags, 1 ton bags or blown to a store in bulk
If your pellets are for wood fuel or bedding
Whether you want to uplift from the factory or for us to organise delivery. We outsource pallet transport but some customers prefer to make their own arrangements. Deliveries are on 1-ton pallets (66 bags) and will be dropped off on a suitable hard-standing beside a road that is suitable for heavy vehicles.

Please send your enquiry to


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