Equine Bedding

There are a range of benefits for both you and your horse when switching to Stovies Wood Pellet Bedding.


  • High absorbency
  • Much less dust/allergies
  • Odour freeFirm, safe bed
  • Fine texture
  • Sifts easily easy to remove dung / reduces cleaning time
  • Reduced consumption / smaller midden
  • Cost effective
  • Saves space
  • Environmentally friendly / use in garden
  • Softwood conifer timber all sourced within 50 miles of the pellet plant

Horse Pellets

Pellets expand when soaked with water to create firm, absorbent bedding for horses. With increased absorbency a drier cleaner stall will improve hoof condition by reducing exposure to ammonia and moisture. The pellets also provide a firm bed that is dense and cushions the horse reducing hock and heel sores.

Pellet litter will pick up fast, so it will much reduce the time it takes you to clean your stalls.

We understand the welfare of your horse is paramount when considering any new product. Premium grade wood pellets (such as Stovies ®) are Scottish manufactured pellets that are produce from pure wood with no contaminants. No chemical additives are needed, the natural lignin of the wood itself serving as a binder. Dust is minimal. The pellets have been heated to high temperatures to help remove possible allergens thus making it entirely safe for your horse.

Order over the phone and we can deliver to your stables. 01561-320417 or email: sales@hotstovies.com

Using wood pellets will dramatically reduce your bedding consumption, cutting it by 30-50%. For example 1 15kg bag of wood pellets is equivalent to 2-3 bales of traditional shavings. Saving you time and money, whilst being kind to the environment and supporting local industry, Stovies Wood Pellets are a healthy long-lasting alternative to shavings or straw.

Placing an Order

When you place an order or make an enquiry, please state:

Your name and address (including post-code)
Whether you want pellets in 15kg bags, 1 ton bags or blown to a store in bulk
If your pellets are for wood fuel or bedding
Whether you want to uplift from the factory or for us to organise delivery. We outsource pallet transport but some customers prefer to make their own arrangements. Deliveries are on 1-ton pallets (66 bags) and will be dropped off on a suitable hard-standing beside a road that is suitable for heavy vehicles.

Please send your enquiry to


Pellet Making Process