About Us

AWP is a family company located on the Arbuthnott Estate in Kincardineshire just south of Aberdeen in north-east Scotland.

“Stovies” are the name of the trade registered product produced by Arbuthnott Wood Pellets Ltd (AWP). The raw material for “Stovies” is sourced locally from our own and neighboring sustainable woodland.


Wood is a low carbon source of renewable energy because growing woodland absorbs nearly as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as that emitted when the wood is burned.

Even allowing for emissions of fossil carbon dioxide in planting, harvesting, processing and transporting wood, replacing fossil fuel with wood fuel will typically reduce net CO2 emissions by over 90%.

This applies to all forms of wood fuel, including wood pellets, which are made from highly compressed sawdust. The use of wood pellets for heating is well established in countries such as North America, Sweden, Austria and Denmark.


Work on the development of a UK market started in 1999 with the assistance of an EU funded project ‘Introducing Wood Pellet Fuel to the UK’. The project helped to establish a number of sources of UK manufactured wood pellets and saw the installation of the first wood pellet-fired appliances.

The pellet industry is emerging in the UK with pockets of activity in a
number of regions. Brands of Scandinavian, German, Austrian, Italian pellet fired boilers and several makes of pellet stoves from North America are now available in the UK.

Being a source of renewable energy, wood pellets are exempt from the Climate Change Levy.

Placing an Order

When you place an order or make an enquiry, please state:

Your name and address (including post-code)
Whether you want pellets in 15kg bags, 1 ton bags or blown to a store in bulk
If your pellets are for wood fuel or bedding
Whether you want to uplift from the factory or for us to organise delivery. We outsource pallet transport but some customers prefer to make their own arrangements. Deliveries are on 1-ton pallets (66 bags) and will be dropped off on a suitable hard-standing beside a road that is suitable for heavy vehicles.

Please send your enquiry to


Pellet Making Process